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Optimize your strategy with digital data analysis. TAKKEO gives you an in-depth view of your descriptive and statistical data. A crucial strategic asset for your success. To make a difference, you need the right experts!
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The purpose of analytics

A relevant web analytics strategy enables your company to boost its return on investment by identifying various opportunities for optimizing online services. Every day, new measurement tools emerge to enable more in-depth analysis, and their use is a real asset for your company, as it enables you to always be one step ahead.

Analytics support

At TAKKEO, we collect and analyze all your web data to provide you with reliable statistics, valuable indicators for increasing your website traffic and conversions.

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Identifying your needs

Initially, your project manager will work with you to identify your KPIs and determine the most appropriate tracking method.

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Setting up Tracking

We take care of the installation of data tracking, a quick step that requires special know-how.

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Understanding results

As soon as the tracking system has been set up, we can study the data collected and report back to you on the results concerning interactions on your site.

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Continuous monitoring

To enable you to monitor interactions on your website independently, TAKKEO has set up a dashboard tracking system.

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