Nowadays, digital data analysis is a strategic issue, essential for your organization. This is why TAKKEO provides you with advanced analytics of your descriptive and statistical data.

An accurate web analytics strategy allows your company to boost its return on investment, identifying various opportunities to optimize online services. Every day, new measuring tools appear, designed for in-depth analysis. Using them is a real advantage for your business, that will help you always be one step ahead.

At TAKKEO, we collect and analyze all your web data to provide you with reliable statistics. These indicators are really valuable to increase the traffic on your website and the conversion rate.

Our Web Analytics Offering

Business needs assessment – First, your project manager exchanges with you to identify your KPIs and choose the adequate tracking method.

Tracking implementation – We take over the installation of the data tracking tools, a quick step, but one that requires a special expertise.

Results understanding – As soon as the tracking tools are in place, we can start studying the data collected and share with you relevant results about the interactions on your website.

Continuous follow-up – TAKKEO sets a tracking dashboard, so that you can follow on your own the visits on your website.

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