Nowadays, the web is a decisive asset for the success of a business. Digital marketing (website creation, online advertising campaigns, social media, etc.) is indeed a very efficient lever to increase your visibility and build your customer base.

What is the goal of digital marketing? To lead the customer to consume your product or service, while bringing the customer relationship to the point where it becomes a real attachment to your company and a long-term loyalty.

True experts of digital strategy, TAKKEO team uses every relevant technique to increase the traffic on your website, convert visitors into buyers or leads, and reinforce customer engagement with your brand through social medias. We take concrete actions aimed to bring you the best return on investment.

An End-to-End Support

Understanding of your needs – We listen to you, your project and your objectives, in order to define together your digital marketing needs.

A proposal of support – we suggest a comprehensive support plan, where every action required to reach your goals is detailed.


Launch of the action plan – After your approval, we set up the various marketing actions that you have chosen.

Continuous follow-up – To help you track the advancement of your project, we provide you with several performance reports and we arrange regular phone meetings.

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