Digital Marketing

Online performance means digital marketing. Your success depends on using the right channels and tools to engage your target audience and get your business off the ground. It’s what we call digital marketing: and it’s our expertise!
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The goal of digital marketing

Indeed, digital marketing (website creation, advertising campaigns, social networks, etc.) is a particularly effective lever for gaining visibility and building a customer base.

The aim is to get customers to consume your product or service, while developing customer relations to the point of creating a genuine attachment to your company, and long-term loyalty.

Comprehensive support

True experts in digital strategy, the TAKKEO team uses all relevant techniques to increase traffic to your website, convert visits into purchases or leads, and strengthen engagement with your brand through social networks. Our concrete actions are designed to give you the best possible return on investment.
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Understanding your needs

We listen to your project and your objectives to define your digital marketing needs together.

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Support proposal

We offer you a complete support plan, detailing every action you need to take to achieve your goals.

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Launch of the Action Plan

After your approval, we implement the various marketing actions that have been chosen.

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Continuous monitoring

To enable you to monitor the progress of your project, we send you several performance reports, and arrange regular telephone appointments.

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