Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

SEO almost rhymes with SEA. That’s because paid search complements natural search. Put all the chances on your side to maximize your online presence. With TAKKEO, SEA is a strategy that pays off: take us at our word!
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What is SEA?

Online advertising takes place via two main channels: the Google Ads program, which lets you create ads on the search engine in a variety of forms (text ad, banner, video, etc.), and social networks (targeted advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn).

The aim of these ads on the different channels is to reach your target audience, generate leads, and convert a first contact into a purchase of your product or service.

Our SEA support

TAKKEO will support you throughout this process, building a comprehensive visibility strategy, and working with you to define the budget that will give you the best return on investment.

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Setting Campaign Parameters

Our team will work with you to define the relevant keywords on which to position your ads, the audience to be targeted by your ads, and the budget allocated to the campaign.

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Advertisement creation

Once the positioning has been defined, the TAKKEO team will propose advertisements and discuss them with you until they have been validated.

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Campaign implementation

Once the campaign's targeting, budget and ads have been validated, the campaign can begin!
Nous nous chargeons de diffuser vos annonces sur les différents canaux, en prenant soin de respecter tous les paramètres.

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Performance Analysis

We continuously monitor the progress of your campaign to analyze performance and optimize it. Regular reports keep you informed from A to Z.

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