Search Engine Advertising (SEA), or paid referencing, supplements Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to maximize your chances of being noticed by your target audience.

Online advertising draws on two main channels: Google Ads program that allows the creation of various types of advertisements on the search engine results pages (text ads, banners, video, etc.), and social medias (targeted advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn).

These advertisements on various channels are designed to reach your target audience, generate leads and transform a first contact into a purchase of your product or service.

TAKKEO agency assists you all along the process: we build a comprehensive visibility strategy and we define with you the budget that will bring you the best return on investment.

Our SEA Services Offering

Definition of the campaign parameters – Our team defines with you the relevant keywords on which you can rank, the kind of audience that your ads will target and the budget allocated to the campaign.

Creation of the advertisements – Once the positioning is set, TAKKEO team makes various ads suggestions to you, and works it through with you until validation.

Campaign implementation – When the target, the budget and the ads are validated, the campaign can start! We publish your ads on the various channels, paying special attention to comply with all parameters.

Performance analysis – We continuously track the campaign advancement in order to analyze its performance and optimize it. You are kept informed all along the process through periodic reporting.

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